Canada best whiskies: Canadian Whisky Awards 2011

Canadian Whisky Awards 2011
Maybe you weren’t aware that this last Friday Jan, 19th took place the Canadian Whisky Awards.

The Canadian Whisky Awards reward the very best tasting Canadian whiskies, and recognize outstanding contributions made by highly successful individual whiskies and producers in generating favourable attention for Canadian whisky. Winners are chosen by a panel of seven judges following extensive blind tastings. Among the judges are some of Canada’s top whisky writers and bloggers, as Davin de Kergommeaux and Mark Gillespie between them.

Whisky makers nominate their very best whiskies creating a strong competitive field. Among these, gold medals were awarded to five entries, and silver medals to another twelve. Eight whiskies were recognized with bronze.

If for any reason you haven’t yet tried Canadian whisky you are missing a great sweet mellow experience. I don’t see in the list Crown Royal or Gooderham & Worts but I love both of them. I will taste them as soon as I see them at this side of the pond.

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