August Whisky Blogs round up

Interesting tasting notes this month and a good article about chill filtration by

Butterfly August

Ruben at WhiskyNotes tasted, among others, an stunning Port Ellen 1983 by Duncan Taylor, a very old Mortlach 1936 and a Kilchoman Inaugural Islay Release.

Danish whisky blog tastes a Douglas Laing Ardbeg + Glenrothes Double barrel vatted whisky and also tastes the Amrut Herald, a four years old cask strength indian whisky.

Dramming writes a tasting note for Three Ships, a very interesting south african whisky and also tastes the impressive Highland Park 25 years old. He also does a great experiment about how chill filtration affect whisky.

Nonjatta comes with news about first “proper” ( you know, older than three years old ) whisky from Chichibu to be released in October and wrote ( as many did ) about the acquisition of all the stocks of Karuizawa by No. 1 Drinks

The Casks tastes a few Isle of Jura whiskies: Prophecy, Superstition, 16 years old and 10 years old

The Whisky Wire tastes a Dalmore 40 years old and does an interview with Ingvar Ronde, author of Malt Whisky Yearbook ( which I have recently bought )

Whisky 2.0 writes about the new whisky from the isle of Lewis, which has finally been released at the friendly price of £150 plus delivery.

Whisky for everyone has a most interesting posts about two new Macallan for the Whisky Shop retailer, the limited edition of Auchentoshan 1999 Bordeaux Finish and third and last release of Highland Park Magnus series: Earl Haakon.

Whiskyfun has been publishing several random summer trios of whisky that even you and me can buy. Very interesting.

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